Thursday, February 19, 2009

Butterfly House Search Challenge

It's time for a new Search Challenge. Before I list this as "Just Added" on the Information Fluency Website, I invite you to try it out and give me some feedback. For example, are there other pages that provide an accurate answer? Did you solve it in way less time than suggested?

The idea for this Challenge, like many of them, came from an exploratory search for something with kid-appeal, and then browsing my way to an interesting page. As with most Search Challenges, this one can be solved by using keywords alone with minimal browsing. However, this particular challenge would also be good by starting with a landing page (the home page of the site) and browsing one's way to a solution.

The essentials of keyword searching, found in the 10 item Query Checklist, are pretty simple: Don't search with more than three words. Each word is important. If one or more of the words has multiple meanings, careful browsing may be required.

While finding more specific words for the query might help this search, I think the real challenge with this one lies in keeping the query uncomplicated (not too specific), scanning the results for relevance and then homing in by browsing.

The Butterfly House Challenge

I'd like your feedback!


Anonymous said...

"Butterfly House Netting" pulls up the correct answer in both Google and Yahoo. ~12 seconds.

Carl Heine said...

That was fast! I'd like this to be useful for elementary grades. Do you think it's too easy?