Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Elusive Toy

Today my sister-in-law emailed a request to help locate the follow item:

Do you know of an item that is an “I Spy” tube? It is about 12-18” long, clear plastic, filled with beads and odd things to spy—like a penny, seashell, etc. I have searched online and on the I spy manufacturer site, with no success. I know it exists b/c I’ve seen one. I want to get one to have at work. Thought you may have seen one???

After about half a dozen queries I found what she was looking for. This made an interesting search challenge. There are quite a few keywords that retrieve things you're not looking for. Finding better keywords in the results helped me pin it down.

Post the urls of items you think match the description.

(It's not a kaleidoscope. If you know what it is before you start to search you should easily beat the time.)

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