Friday, November 6, 2009

Find the Sculpture

I'm taking a few days off from work after cataract surgery.

While trying out some glasses for reading--my distance vision was 20/20 the day after the surgery!--I came across some interesting finds. One of them is this magnetic sculpture:

Warning: some sites that have embedded this video may contain objectionable material for school-aged children.

There's no explanation on the site above about the sculpture, how it works, who created it or where the video was filmed or if this thing exists at all. That's the challenge: let's say you'd like to know where you can see this sculpture for yourself. Where is it located?

Use your search skills to track down the geographic location of this apparent marvel.

Challenge level: Easy.

Once you located the hyponym* keyword, you'll find more videos!

* in this case, it's the scientific term for the material used in the sculpture.

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