Monday, November 9, 2009

Sesame Street Challenge

As you probably know, Sesame Street is 40 years old. Here's a challenge to test your ability to find reference information about the show.

On what show did Ernie trick Bert into saying, "I ate the sandbox?" Provide the number of the show.

Before you start, think about a search strategy. There's lots to think about here:
  • What keywords are provided?
  • What keywords are good as is?
  • How important is that phrase?
  • What words are not needed?
  • What words may be needed that aren't given? (this is always the hardest part of the strategy and may rely on seeing results first).
  • Who might know the answer (where would an expert put the information)?
  • How do I get close enough to "home in" on the information?
  • How can I check the credibility of the answer?
Thinking about how to search is often lost in the activity of searching. Everyone makes choices about terms, operators and where to look. What choices are you making?

1 comment:

Trinity Librarians said...

Episode 0019. Search terms: "sesame street" Ernie sandbox episode. Got it on second try (adding episode. First try found the episode but not the number.