Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tools for Evaluation

While browsing through library sites today, I came across a link to Human Cloning, The How To Page. The message on the library site (http://lib.nmsu.edu/staff/susabeck/checs98.html) offers the cloning page as an example why students should be taught to evaluate.

I wasn't familiar with the Cloning page or its author, Arthur Kerschen.  Not many sites link to Kerschen's pages (so using the link: command is not particularly useful). But good evidence can be found by browsing the site.

The challenge is for you (and your students) to determine whether this is a deliberate hoax or not and back it up find a page that supports your conclusion.

Something I'd like to create is a matrix of hoax sites and the techniques useful for investigating them. This is one example where browsing may be the most effective method.

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