Friday, January 22, 2010

Brainwave Challenge

A former colleague sent me an article on the neurological benefits of Internet searching that he thought I would find interesting.

I did, but for an unintended reason. It's not only good research to ponder, it's a search challenge.

Here's the link to the article, Exercise Your Brain Online. The second paragraph clearly states that the information is gleaned from a study of brain activity. What's not clear is who performed the study and that this is not a new study.  Only when you go in search of the original report do you find the research, the researcher and the fact that it is already a couple years old.

This is the type of challenge that often trips up students. They find only part of the information they need.

Here's the challenge: find the rest of the information--locate the original article, author(s) and date of publication.

Challenge #2: how would you cite it?

Leave your findings in the comments. But also take time to read the findings and use the information to make a case why information fluency is not just a 21st Century skill--it's good for the brain.

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