Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cosby Dies In Car Accident (hoax)

You can't always trust what you read online.

Emails circulated last month that Bill Cosby had died in a car crash. Maybe you received it:
"Prominent black comedian Bill Cosby was killed this morning in a tragic car accident in South Central Los Angeles," 
"He was pronounced dead at Pikeville Medical Center."
"The cause of the crash was blamed on the cell phone he was using to update his Twitter feed when driving in his car." 
When news of his death reached Cosby, he posted a rebuttal on his Web site. A few days later he tweeted: "All I know is I'm on THIS side of the grass."

Whether you believe Cosby stepped up to his own defense or a publicist is prolonging his career, there are details in the news report that can be investigated.

Take for instance, Pikeville Medical Center. A quick fact-check reveals that the medical center is in Kentucky, yet Cosby allegedly died in Los Angeles. Immediately, something doesn't add up.

As well-crafted as the story may be, an obvious flaw like this casts doubt on its credibility. Maybe the author left it as a clue.

There are plenty of similar stories of untimely celebrity deaths. Maybe you can uncover clues that make them incredible as well:

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discount coupons said...

I hope he rest in peace.

Carl Heine said...

It's a hoax - Cosby didn't die.

Carol said...

I can't believe someone could actually make a joke about death.