Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Earthquake Challenge

I'm in the Palm Springs area for a few days. From the condo I can see the San Andreas Fault--tortured hillocks going up the valley from the Salton Sea.

This is an active earthquake zone. According to a sign I read today at an overlook in Joshua Tree National Park, the earth is sliding 3 inches a year to the southeast on the north side of the fault. It's going the other direction on the south side where I'm staying.

This morning I thought I felt a slight tremor. Doing a little research I discovered that there have been 87 seismic events in Southern California in the last week. One of these occurred Tuesday, March 02, 2010 at 06:02 AM--about the time I wondered if that gentle shaking was an earthquake.

Here's the challenge: What was the intensity of that event? What was the ID number? (every event has an ID). How did you find it?


Anonymous said...

Magnitude 1.0 ID # ci 4596292
don't remember exact path but
Seismographic info
Past 7 days open in Google Earth
Located Palm Springs
Clicked on yellow buttons representing events between 2-7 days ago until found the Mar 2nd quake.

Carl Heine said...

Good example of picking an appropriate database and then browsing to home in on the information. That was the challenge.