Monday, January 17, 2011

Flight Status Challenge

My daughter is flying home to the West Coast tomorrow morning. The weather today has caused delays at the Chicago airports.

The question is: Could weather be a factor that could delay the plane before it even gets to Chicago?

It's one thing to know your flight number, it's another thing to figure out where that plane has been or where it's going after you de-plane.  My son-in-law used this information last week to avoid a delay that seemed inevitable: his plane was coming in from Albany, NY. New York was about to be hammered by winter weather. He managed to reschedule his flight for a day earlier and avoided the delays.

Challenge: If you know your flight number, how can you find information about all the legs of that flight (the cities where it stops)?  Where would you search? What keywords would you use?

Post your answers for Southwest Flight 1048, Jan. 18, 2011.

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Carl Heine said...

This is an example of a "deep web" search.

Since no one answered this challenge, here's what I did: Queried Google for flight tracker. First hit is

This search engine has fields for the airline and flight number and departure day, with optional fields for the departure airport and arrival airport.

Entering the data, I can see all the segments or legs of a flight, including where the flight is coming from before it arrives at my airport.