Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Librarian Challenge

As I was preparing for a presentation at the Information Fluency Conference in Orlando, I came across a puzzling search challenge that would be a good exercise for librarians.

I had located a helpful resource on ERIC for an article in TechTrends (SpringerLink). IMSA (where I work) does not have TechTrends in its database, so I googled the article with information from ERIC and found the pdf I was looking for on the SpringerLink site.

So far, so good.

The article, Performance Assessment Design Principles Gleaned from Constructivist Learning Theory (Part 1), has a Part Two also published in TechTrends.  According to ERIC, the issue I need is Volume 53, Number 3.

I want Part 2.

But a search of the SpringerLink site doesn't return the article. I can find TechTrends Volume 53, Number 3, but the article is not listed with the search results.


What would you do next?

I eventually found the article online at SpringerLink. The way I tracked it down might surprise you--I probably tried three or four strategies before I stumbled on it. ** Persistence pays off!  ** If you find it, post the URL of the online article in the comments and recap how you found it.

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