Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Not Just Google It?

Here's an interesting story that combines information literacy research and higher education (first year dental) students. The findings are in line with what we know about current high schoolers' performance and shows the 'risk' of relying too heavily on one search tool.

Read more here: http://7thspace.com/headlines/380362/why_not_just_google_it__an_assessment_of_information_literacy_skills_in_a_biomedical_science_curriculum.html

The article mentions PubMed. I recently designed some searches using that database and was a little surprised to learn that a colleague who tried one of them had difficulties using (adapting to) the search engine. PubMed doesn't process searches the way Google does. You have to learn how to use the tool -- and expertise in Google doesn't help much.

Bottom line: being good with Google doesn't (easily) cross over to other platforms.

Try it: Using PubMed, find the title of an article written by BG Smith and published in 2003.

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JanetM said...

Here's the article:
A positive slant on ethics and professionalism.

Smith BG.

Dent Update. 2003 Jan-Feb;30(1):5-6. No abstract available.

[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Basically you do need to be able to use a typical 'advanced search' screen, or decide which of the tabs on PubMed are appropriate. Not intuitive for a student (or a teacher for that matter!) unless they've been shown how.