Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spam Stupidity

Some spam is way too obvious--except for my spam filters.

Here's an example that made it past my email filters a few days ago:

From: Paypal Customer Service serviices@paypall.com
Subject: Your Paypal Account Will Be Limited
Date: May 22, 2011 9:43:41 PM CDT

Hello Paypal Customer,
Your Account Will Be Limited Until You Submitted Some Information.
If you didn't submit them, your account will be limited after 2 days.

This was followed by a link to click.


Just reading the header is enough to raise an eyebrow.  The Caps in the body and the grammatical mistakes provides a nice finish.

I've documented this to emphasize that reading is unparalleled as an investigative skill. If your language skills are weak, your vulnerability increases.

I'd use an example like this with students--along with some legitimate messages--to have them identify potential red flags.

Do you have examples of similar messages to share?


Cherokee Middle School said...

Do you have the answers to the Internet Challenges (buffalo, diamond, stamp, etc.)???

Carl Heine said...

These are Keyword Challenges. If you'd like solutions, write to help@21cif.com