Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pomegranate Fact Check

Daily News and Analysis recently ran a story entitled, Pomegranate extract hailed ‘best thing since aspirin’ (article).

I've been watching medical breakthroughs for search challenges, since breakthroughs beg to be fact checked.

This article is no exception.  Here's the line that first attracted my attention:

For the first time they have been able to unlock the precious new extract from the seeds, skin and pith of the fruit.
The article goes on to credit  a company named ProbelteBio with the breakthrough and quotes a  Dr Sergio Streitenberger: "(until now) we haven’t had the science to enable us to release the benefits."

Is that right? It could be, but it doesn't take long to uncover potential Red Flags as you search.

What Red Flags do you find?

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