Monday, November 7, 2011

My First Query

My grand daughter Emelie likes to play with the keys on my laptop. Emelie is 15 months old. We share the same birthday.

It's pretty interesting what she can make the computer do by hitting keys at random. Today she managed to open Google and submitted her first query.
I had to preserve the moment. Unfortunately, Google couldn't find any matching records.

Emelie has no fear of pressing keys. The computer is just another familiar object in her universe. She likes to see the effects of hitting keys. It's actually surprising what her efforts produce. She's managed to trigger screens and warnings I've never seen.

As the next generation starts its journey with computer technology, the first steps are pretty chaotic. Yet there is quickly an expectation. The keys do something. Random results are intrinsically pleasing. At a basic level, the results create a desire for more.

The intrinsic pleasure of getting results--and discovery--stays with you for a lifetime. The challenge is continuously getting results you want, which grow more specific--and harder--with experience.

It will be a while before Emelie chooses one search action over another because one is more effective. But in the meantime, it should be instructive to see what she does next.

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