Friday, December 30, 2011

News without all the Facts

Today my daily Google Alert on Medical Breakthroughs brought this article to my attention:

Medical Breakthrough Bringing New Hope To MS Patients

Drug Showing Promising Results

I'm interested in this topic since a friend's daughter suffers from MS. But the article is light on facts. In particular, what may be the most important fact is missing. What is the name of the drug?

This article surely is a retelling of the original release about the drug, so hopefully a quick fact-check query will turn up the missing facts. This turns out to be the case.

Fact-checking, about which I've blogged numerous times, starts by taking a fact or two from a derivative article and follows it to its source.

My query was: Gabriel Pardo OMRF drug. Two of these are the preferred type of fact-checking keywords: proper nouns; both were taken from the article cited above. In case there were a lot of articles about Pardo and OMRF I added the less powerful term 'drug' since that's the word I'm hoping to replace with another proper noun.

This is a good search to demonstrate how ideal queries proceed from less to more specific.

Let's hope the new drug continues to show promising results.

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