Wednesday, January 11, 2012


For years, the 21st Century Information Fluency Project was owned and operated by the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. In 2009, that all changed when the Academy decided it would no longer support the site. Its authors took over management and the resources were transferred to

Until recently, the link still worked, redirecting users to the new server. Since the new ownership had been in place for several years, we all felt it was time to pull the redirect from the IMSA server.  So today, if you search for you get "Server Not Found."

It may be a poor marketing practice to disable such a link, but in keeping with the nature of our project we want users to find us regardless.  We are the top or nearly the top link in Google, Yahoo, etc. if you search for information fluency.

Our website is the repository for most of our resources: tutorials, tips, games, assessments, lesson plans, etc. There are thousands of free resources on the site.

Facebook is turning out to be one of our more active sites. Traffic is down to our traditional home page, but our fan base keeps growing. Dennis O'Connor is doing a good job of publishing links to our many resources through our magazines.  If you are not already a fan of our Facebook page, consider becoming one. You'll receive a different selection of current releases. The Internet Search Challenge Blog is our other source of new and updated resources.

So back to the "Server Not Found" problem. When you encounter this during searches, what is your reaction? Does frustration set in? Do you regroup and try another route? There's almost always another route.

Challenge Question: What prompted IMSA not to support 21cif? This challenge may be solved with a combination of querying and browsing or just by browsing.

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