Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Search Challenge 005: The LEGO Challenge

I just updated the LEGO Challenge.  This one is challenging partly because it involves finding information that was originally posted almost a decade ago.

It's not a very difficult task; I'd rate it a beginning or novice task.

The issue is using good enough keywords to find information that's no longer fresh. This challenge reinforces the idea that a few carefully chosen keywords is all you need. Three keywords works well. At least one of them needs to be a very specific term like a Proper Noun. That really limits the results. 

Using the date, which is usually a good keyword to include, complicates matters because it assumes the winners were announced in 2003 which was not the case.  When starting, it is better to use less rather than more to see what the search engine retrieves.

There are three possible answers for the challenge. Any one of them is good enough to solve it.

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