Monday, August 6, 2012

New Plagiarism Resource

Try out the Preview version of our newest plagiarism resource, Plagiarism Dropbox.

Plagiarism Dropbox helps students develop abilities to detect and avoid plagiarism. There are two parts to the resource. Part One features 10 excerpts from papers taken from online reference materials. Students must determine if excerpts have been plagiarized or not. Six types of plagiarism are incorporated in the examples:
Photocopy Plagiarism - an exact copy without quotes or citation;
Patchwork Plagiarism - combining text copied from multiple sources without quotes or citation;
Paraphrased Plagiarism - rewritten text without citing the original;
Misinformation - providing a bogus citation so it's impossible to check
Missing Quotes - failing to quote (and cite) copied material;
Self-borrowing - copying one's own work without citing it

Part Two provides three plagiarized examples and requires students to fix them so they are no longer plagiarized.

Scores are reported for each level, measuring an individual's competency in identifying and avoiding plagiarism.

Applications include writing courses and library instruction. Help students realize early in the year what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

The Preview version gives you a peak at several of the activities. The full version is available by purchasing an annual license ($40 per school with no limit to the number of students).  More resources may be found on our site,

Try it out! Plagiarism Dropbox

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