Thursday, September 23, 2021

Implicit Bias


If you think you aren't biased, you're mistaken.

Everyone who has personal preferences or a sense of right vs wrong is biased.  Bias isn't always blatantly racist, sexist, political or religious. It can be implicit, that is, a person with an implicit bias may not be aware of it.

Implicit biases shape how we think and act. We--I include myself--choose to read certain types of online authors, publishers and content and avoid others. 

This fall's Full Circle articles spotlight implicit bias and how it's not enough to teach students to recognize bias in what they read, they also need to recognize it in themselves. Undetected bias is a filter that keeps out disagreeable content, letting in only that which is agreeable. The big danger in never being challenged by contrary beliefs is that the things we hold to be true remain uninformed and hard to defend.

Full Circle Fall 2021 Table of Contents

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