Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Information Fluency in a Nutshell

Most sites that provide resources to help individuals improve their ability to locate, evaluate and use information from online sources describe those competencies as "information literacy." A few, like 21cif.com prefer the term "information fluency."

What is information fluency in a nutshell?

 Briefly stated, we believe fluency depends on knowing how to:

  • ask searchable questions
  • create optimal queries
  • choose an appropriate Database for searching
  • query unfamiliar Databases
  • browse unfamiliar Webpages and Databases
  • interpret a URL
  • truncate a URL
  • skim and scan
  • use the Find Command
  • locate information about an author, a publisher, date of publication and secondary references
  • fact check
  • detect bias
  • read to evaluate the relevance and credibility of information sources and content
  • format a citation
  • The resources on our site all address these competencies. Here's a sampling:

    Asking searchable questions: Keyword Challenges

    Creating Optimal queries: Search Challenges

    Browsing: Browsing Challenges

    Locate the author: Author Tutorials

    Locate the date: Date Detective

    And many more... For complete access to all materials, consider an affordable annual membership. Membership has its benefits!

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